Ennaid Therapeutics | Bringing Cures to Life
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Our Mission of Bringing Cures to Life Continues.

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Ennaid Drug Development

Developing the world’s first therapeutic for Zika virus & all four strains of Dengue virus

Ennaid Healthcare IT

Developing Computer Vision/ Eye tracking software for use in healthcare applications

Ennaid is Dianne (the CEO’s and president’s Mother’s name) spelled backwards.

Dianne means divine/heavenly! Therapeutics means healing solutions.

Ennaid Therapeutics = Healing Solutions

Ennaid Therapeutics affirms the unending presence of healing power and recognizes our path of responsibility as the world’s foremost leader in the sustaining of abundant life. We bring innovative cures to rare and seemingly incurable diseases, thus improving the health and saving the lives of humans and animals all over the world.

Our team of experts

Darnisha Grant Harrison

CEO & President

William J. Brock, Ph.D.


Romeo Ibrahim

Sr. Process Engineer, Manager of technical & Scientific Affairs, & Scientific Advisory Board

Robert Garry, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer, Inventor, & Scientific Advisory Board

Meet The Rest Of Our Superb Team

Message From Our CEO

Darnisha Grant Harrison

President & CEO

“At Ennaid Therapeutics, we recognize the vast amount of good science sitting on research shelves waiting to be positively exploited for use in humans and animals. Therefore, we are committed to translating complex science into today’s cures to help patients live healthier, more abundant lives. We have made great strides as a company and have a promising technology, an accelerated plan and an expert team to develop and commercialize ca cure for Dengue virus..”

We have the technology, the plan and the team to develop & commercialize cures
for Zika Virus and Dengue Virus.

Join Us As We Race To The Cure. Become A Strategic Partner Today!