Ennaid Therapeutics | Developing Cures For Mosquito Infections
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Developing Cures For Mosquito Infections

04 Jul Developing Cures For Mosquito Infections

In Just a Few Years Time You May Not Have to Avoid Mosquito Bites to Dodge Contracting Dengue Virus, As One Company is Developing Promising Solutions That Cure The World’s Most Feared Mosquito Infections.

Promising Atlanta-based company led by a female is doing a great humanitarian work as the company is using its patented compounds to safely and rapidly develop cures against the once-neglected tropical diseases, Dengue virus, one of the world’s most life-debilitating and potentially deadly mosquito-borne viruses endemic in 125 countries in the world.


“We are excited about the great humanitarian work we are doing to impact billions of people around the world. We have shown that our peptides inhibit Dengue virus infectivity greater than 99 percent. Our work thus far clearly demonstrates that we have a promising cure against all four strains of Dengue virus.” says Ennaid’s Founder, President & CEO



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