Ennaid Therapeutics | Ennaid Drug Development
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Ennaid Drug Development

Lab Tech looking through microscope

Ennaid Drug Development (EDD) is one of two subsidiaries of Ennaid Therapeutics. EDD is developing cures to help > 400 million people worldwide when infected with the mosquito-borne diseases, Zika virus and Dengue virus, the world’s fastest-growing pandemic.


Ennaid Therapeutics strongly believes that there’s good, impactful science out there not being explored by big pharma beyond early laboratory tests, so they have chosen to fill a gap in which larger pharmaceutical companies typically may not focus. Hence, EDD acquires early-stage, proprietary, innovative science and creates an industry-accepted fast track development plan to bring first-to-market, profitable cures to the masses that disrupt rare & seemingly incurable diseases.  Acquiring the best, most promising early-stage science to bring medicines, versus managing them is their passionate calling.


The first such promising scientific technology that EDD acquired was from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL and The University of Washington in Settle, WA and is a proprietary technology that shows > 99% effectiveness against flavivirus infectivity (both Zika virus and Dengue virus are flaviviruses). EDD’s fast track – development plan will safely and rapidly get these cures to market in record time.